We love the UP! Honorary Yoopers!!

We only have four more days in the UP! I love it up here! Surrounded by Great Lakes & Rivers & more Lakes! The weather has been awesome!! Cool with breezes, occasional thunderstorms that come & go quickly! We’ve eaten a lot of fish! Walleye, Perch, hamburgers…oh 🤣we’ve had all kinds of good food up here! Tried a Pastie (Pass Tee) for the first time & have had them a few more times! Had a Vernors, only in Michigan ginger soda! We’ve embraced being Yoopers!! The Michiganders have been so welcoming!! We went for a walk on the boardwalk & saw the lighthouse in town (Manistique) again today. About every 10th vehicle on Hwy 2 is an RV! If you ever have the chance to visit the UP you won’t be disappointed! Mackinac Island is like a step back in time & so enchanting, Soo Locks & Sault (Soo) Ste Marie is just a darling town & dates back to the 1600’s! That’s old for America! 🇺🇸 In our two years of full timing & just starting our third year, we have seen so much of this beautiful Country!! And excited that there is so much more to see! Have a blessed week! We had a sundae to finish our day!😳😎

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