Family in Oregon, the Rogue River & Aunt Lulu & Family!

Well we have made a huge loop in our 1 yr RV travels!! Will be headed to visit family & friends in California soon!

Had a wonderful time in Oregon visiting with my little sister & her family! Love Scott & Courtney’s new home & so close to Kathy & Dave! The Snowbergers home is so lovely with their new porch & covering! So wonderful & close to Kathy & Dave! I’m glad my Sis has got her family close now & with Dave taking a new position that he is home most evenings now!! Answer to prayer!🙏🏻

Ricky was able to help with a couple of minor plumbing issues & enjoyed every bit of it!!

Coming down through Oregon we made our last stop in Oregon in Grants Pass backed up to the beautiful Rogue River! Such an enchanting place! Were able to stay a whole week! It was wonderful!

Headed on to Anderson California to visit with Aunt Lu & some of the relatives! Some were feeling ill so we were able to talk on the phone!! Love all our Severe Family!! God is good! Oh & who knew….Redding had a new MOD Pizza! Ricky was in heaven!! 😍🍕

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