Glacier National Park

Wow!!  Amazing!

Our first day was taking the “Going to the Sun” road! It’s from the St Mary’s East Entrance. Just breathtaking! We say God out did Himself with this Park but we’ve said that at every area we’ve been to!! 

Second day we did the Boat Cruise on Saint Mary’s Lake with a short, sort of flat, hike to Baring Falls!! I’m not a hiker but I did it!! My bad knee was pretty cooperative!  So spectacular! This was a great ride on beautiful clear blue water with our Captain of the “Montana’s Mountain Navy” Evan was full of information for us!

  1. Third day we took the Eastern entrance out of the little town of Babb! Another wow day! The days were a little hazy from the fires in California & British Columbia but it didn’t effect the beauty around us! Make this a bucket list to do! If you don’t have an RV, there are motels, cabins, camping areas. Just go & enjoy!! 

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