Bear Country USA, Keystone, South Dakota

This was so much fun! We were transported back in time when we went to the zoo with our folks as kids….but even better!!

This is a Wildlife Drive-Thru Park. Elk, Reindeer, Big Horned Sheep, Bison, Antelope, Timberwolves & BEARS!! Lots & lots of BEARS!!

Mostly Black & Reddish Bears. They were so awesome! They tell you at the beginning to NOT open your windows!! Wow!! They would be right up against the truck. Pacing back & forth & not having a care in the world but just to keep traffic backed up!! They were so big & frisky with each other. It’s so great to see them have so much room to roam with burrowed areas, water to swim in & trees to climb.

It was worth the $15 ea (senior) price!! We loved it & were able to get some great pics!! Until next time BEARS!!

At the end there’s an area you can walk around that has baby animals!! The Bear cubs were the cutest!! Great time! Don’t miss it if you’re ever in the area!!

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