Chapel in the Hills

Rapid City, South Dakota!! We are loving our time here!! We still have a month to go!! Such a beautiful State! We have had a couple of Thunderstorms & we are loving them!! It’s been awhile since I’ve seen lightning & heard the thunder!!

South Dakota is a great place!! Enjoying every minute here!! Today we went to Chapel in the Hills & it was just breathtaking!!

A little info from Wikipedia about the Chapel!
The Chapel in the Hills was dedicated on July 6, 1969, as the home for the radio ministry of Lutheran Vespers. Lutheran Vespers were broadcast nationwide from this location in the Black Hills. The church is a special ministry of the South Dakota Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
The Chapel in the Hills is an exact replica of the Borgund stave church in Norway. The Borgund stavkirke was built around the year 1150 and is considered the most completely preserved stave church still standing in Norway.
The Norwegian Department of Antiquities provided a set of blueprints of the Borgund church to be used in the construction of the Chapel in the Hills. The woodcarvings resulted from the combined effort by Norwegian woodcarver Erik Fridstrøm and Rapid City resident, Helge Christiansen.
The site includes an authentic log cabin museum that was built in 1876 by Edward Nielsen, a Norwegian immigrant gold prospector from Hole, Ringerike, Norway. There is also a stabbur, a grass-roofed house, that serves as the visitor center and gift shop.

We thank you for your prayers for safety & appreciate all of you!! Hugs!!💕

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