The Black Hills of South Dakota!!

We arrived in Piedmont South Dakota the end of last week! Coming into the State from Wyoming I thought how could it be more beautiful!! Well….let’s just say….it’s as beautiful as Wyoming! We have loved each State we’ve been through and that’s ten States in ten months! Wow has the time flown byyyy!

This is where we will be staying for two weeks & the views out our back window, which is our front room, is so beautiful & peaceful! Then we will be in Rapid City for a month.

Sunday we went to Fountain Springs Church in Rapid City. It’s a church working towards helping the lost & also their community!

Monday we ventured to Deadwood, Sturgis, Ft Meade & the Black Hills National Cemetery. I was thinking Deadwood was going to be like another….Tombstone AZ but it was so much more!! Wild Bill Hickok was shot down in one of the Saloons there & is buried along with Calamity Jane in the beautiful Mt Moriah Cemetery which is up a steep & winding road & overlooks the town! The town is so walkable & has many places for lodging, eating & almost everyone has a casino! Surprising for such a small town!!

Sturgis is also a quaint town that has been having a motorcycle rally since 1938! Yes…thousands of bikers, 500k-700k, will rally in Sturgis the first week in August! They come to compete in races, hill climbs, show off their bikes! It generates about $800 million in revenue for the State of South Dakota!! A few rebel rousers but for the most part just a great time!!

Fort Meade has a VA hospital & medical services & still trains the South Dakota National Guard on some of the beautiful grounds!! We saw them going through some drills & it just makes you proud to be an American!🇺🇸

The Black Hills National Cemetery just outside of Sturgis was so touching! All the different areas for representing the different wars. It’s so beautiful with the Black Hills in the background & all the green grass & trees! But each grave has a simple white stone with the soldiers name & dates & war they were in printed on it! The markers look so majestic standing at attention lined up perfectly with the next one!! We shed a few tears of gratitude for their service & sacrifice to make this Country free! God Bless America!🇺🇸😍

This won’t be the last post of South Dakota as we have several more day trips to take!! This State offers so many things to see & do! Stay tuned!! 😎🌳🌲

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