Pikes Peak & Beautiful Colorado

Well, when we crossed over from Northern New Mexico to Colorado we were so excited!! The whole desert scenery changed!! Could see the snow capped Southern Rockies & it was breathtaking!

We stayed for four night at our precious friends Fred & Laurie Beck on their ten acres in Larkspur Colorado. What a beautiful & relaxing retreat! They were great Hosts!! Laurie was our tour guide & showed us all over the area & beautiful Colorado Springs!!

It was great to see their daughter & son in law, Bethany & Brody & hear about all their adventures!!

We were able to tour the Ministries of Compassion International & Focus on the Family. So touching!

Laurie took us on Mr. Toads Wild Ride (Disneyland) in the mountains, some sketchy roads with tunnels, Garden of the Gods, Manitou Springs, bohemian little town & to the gorgeous & majestic Broadmoor Hotel!! Pure Class!! We were also fortunate to see the USAF Thunderbirds 🇺🇸✈️ practice flying right over Pikes Peak!! You just welled up with Patriotism when you heard those jet engines roar! The sound of freedom!! Laurie is a great driver & was an awesome chauffeur & Hostess!! 💕😍😘

We were in the desert 🌵areas for so long it was great to finally see green grass & green trees & green hills! Enough with the green! 🌲🌳You get my drift!! Colorado is just beautiful & we still have lots to explore! We will be back!! As we left their farm & headed North, Denver was super crazy on the Interstate but we made it through!! The Rockies to the West of us was spectacular & you can never tire of that site!!

Onward to Wyoming & beyond!!! 😎

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