Amarillo Texas & Cousin Tammy

Well we made a little detour to go to the panhandle of Texas to see my cousin, Tammy! I’m so glad we did! What a great weeks visit! First we went to Groom Texas to see the largest Cross with the depiction of Jesus Christ’s Crucifixion & Resurrection. It was very emotional to again realize the sacrifice our Savior did to give us everlasting life!

Then to Tammy’s Church, First Family Assembly of God in Amarillo. It happened to be Mother’s Day so Pastors message was geared to Moms. It was very good. Tammy has worked for this church for over 30 yrs! Her church family is very fond of her. We went to lunch after service at a delicious Mexican place which happens to be next to her church!! How convenient!! My choice & my favorite!!

Tammy wanted to fix us dinner while we were here & she’s a great cook! Her brisket was out of this world & her ribs cooked in Dr Pepper…well…yummy!

Ricky was able to do some needed repair plumbing at her church & he felt blessed to do it!!

We ventured to Canyon, Texas, only a short drive from Amarillo, to see the Palo Duro Canyon State Park. They say it’s the Texas Grand Canyon! Well…been to the GC & this was on a much smaller scale but just as impressive!! You know…Texans think everything’s bigger here!!!😂😂That’s O.K.

We had an awesome lunch at a hole in the wall place called Coyote Bluff Cafe! No coyotes, nor was it on a bluff, but it was a Café, sort of!! Man vs Food guy was here a few years ago & their hamburgers were the best I’ve ever had! The place is just fun too!

Final stop before we headed North was The Big Texan Restaurant! 😋 See…everything IS bigger in Texas! Well, it’s an icon place & probably most people have seen the Big Texan waving to you on the Interstate 40! When I was a kid, Daddy brought our family along the old Route 66 & we always stopped at The Big Texan to eat! You have to, you just gotta!! That rounded up our adventures, always seems like around food, gotta get back to Paleo eating. There was a good storm that came through & left a beautiful double rainbow! We can’t wait to come back to the Lone Star State & see friends in Tyler, go to Waco for Magnolia Farms, Austin’s qwerkiness, San Antonio’s River Walk & the Gulf Shores!! Maybe venture into Progresso, Mexico!

Thanks for tagging along on our Adventures & never give up your dreams! God wants to give us the desires of our hearts, if we follow Him! Keep your eyes on Jesus!! Until next time…we ❤️ you & thankful that y’all are in our lives!! Happy trails! 😍

1 thought on “Amarillo Texas & Cousin Tammy

  1. Janet E Kiddie

    I’m not sure I can wait for Mark to retire. I might just head out tomorrow !! Your descriptions of your adventures sound wonderful!! I need to write it all down (places you’ve visited) so I can go there too. Love you both and so happy for your “life of leisure”. You certainly have earned it.

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