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Three + Months!!

Wow!! We can’t believe that we have been Nomads for a little over three months!! God is good!

After visiting family in Oregon & Washington, we set our sites on heading South for the Winter!! Snowbirds!! Ha Ha!! We never lived in snow but knew we sure didn’t want to get caught in the snow with an RV! Don’t get me wrong….we LOVE πŸ’• snow….as long as we can watch it on TV!! LOL!! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

So we decided to come down through Nevada! Our first stop was in Fallen, Nevada. We stayed two weeks & explored the area. If you didn’t know….the Top Gun Pilots train on a base in Fallen!! Wow, was that exciting to see the jets ✈️ fly so low & then high over us & do maneuvers in the air!! We got teary eyed watching them because, well, Ricky & I are so patriotic & are so proud to be Americans & we thank the Lord for ALL our Service Men & Women!! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Then we continued South on Hwy 95. Its a really nice highway but mostly two lanes. Not a lot to see as it’s high plains desert! 🌡 But there’s still a certain beauty about it! Daddy loved the desert States!!

One thing to say about traveling Hwy 95….there are a lot of small towns that time has forgotten. Kind of sad to see little towns that may have been thriving, during gold rush times, that now have been forsaken!! But a few have hung in there & only God knows what they do for a living!! Next stop was Goldfield Nevada. It too, once was a thriving gold town in the early 1900’s. If you happen to pass through Goldfield & think I’ll stop & fill up….well….they don’t have a gas/diesel station! ⛽️ After we set up at the RV Park, we were the only ones there, he had to drive about 36 miles north to Tonopah to fill our truck up!! Oh well!! We stayed two nights & it was really quiet. Except for the wild donkeys braying near us!! Hee Haw!! 😜 We had breakfast one morning at the only restaurant in town, The Dinky Diner!! It lived up to its name & the food was delicious!! Goldfield has a really old western cemetery & it was fun to look at some of the old tombstones.

Ok, still heading South remember?? Finally made it to our long term “Snowbirds”, I love saying that….snowbirds, lol, destination!! Pahrump Nevada!! 🌡 The name is different but this little town of 36,000+ is just dandy!! Pahrump was originally inhabited by the Southern Paiute Indians!! At one point Pahrump had ranches growing alfalfa & cotton & raising livestock! Gone are the cotton fields but some ranching is still going on. It’s surrounded by beautiful mountains β›° & is only about 60 miles Northwest of Las Vegas. There are quite a few commuters here who want a more quiet life than Vegas offers!! I don’t blame them! Death Valley National Park is about 2hrs as is Hoover Dam & Lake Mead. Visiting DV next week, Hoover Dam in a couple of weeks. Everything we have need of is within minutes to our RV Park. Great stop on our way heading further South! Plus we met up with some friends that moved here 20 yrs ago & have had some fun fellowship!! Julie & Kevin!!

Our RV Park, Preferred RV Resort is so nice. Great community of people here. They have a Clubhouse with lots of activities & a pool with a retractable roof for weather changes. Finding quite a few people on the same journey as we are….Fulltime RVers!!

We again want to thank the Lord for this opportunity in our lives to travel the US on our time schedule, which is whenever!! 😜

Don’t give up on your dreams whatever they are!! This started as a dream two years ago & look what happened. God is ultimately in control but He wants us to dream!! We love all of you that have went on this journey with us & appreciate your continued prayers!!

More later when we end up even further South! 😍

We pray you have a blessed Christmas πŸŽ„ & a prosperous New Years! πŸŽ‰

Keep your heart & mind fixed on Jesus cause He wants to give you the desires of your heart!❀️