Headed Out Soon!

Hi all! Well Friday we will have been at Siena Farms, our friends Larry & Polly Hunter for “3” weeks!! The first week we were in their home so we could go out to buy our truck, then our fifth wheel! The last two weeks we have been living in our tiny home at Siena Farms & have been preparaing for our full time adventures. Organizing the inside & also organizing the storage underneath! Making sure items will be secured as we toodle down the road!! Also, Ricky has been practicing hooking up the fifth wheel to the truck & learning to back up, park etc. A sweet friend who has been fifth wheeling for a few years has taken him out to large empty parking areas & is teaching him the ropes!! Thank you Chris!!

There’s a lot of preparation!! I don’t know what I was thinking! That we would just hook up & take off? Not!!😜 Thank you so much to my dear friends, Tami & Polly for helping me with inside prep!! Lining cabinets, putting away things, praying for my knee!! BTW, my knee is doing so much better! Thanks for your prayers!!

Our plans have changed a little as we are just going to c r e e p north!! What I mean by that is, we are going to stay a week here & a week there!! We have to be in Oregon by the first week in October so it may take us a month to get there!!!😎 We both need to rest & put our feet up after all this fun prepping!!

When we finally arrive for our first week somewhere, I’ll do a video of our darling “Tiny Home” so you can see how we will be living the next few years!! 

God is so good & don’t forget to give him your praise & worship! He’s there for you, anytime, anywhere! We love you & please keep us in your prayers!! 

Ricky & Sharon

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